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Handling Large MySQL Result Set Part 1 (Some experiments)

Big or Medium Application may have large MySQL data. Large data means millions of records.

How can we handle very large data in MySQL? Many methods can be found on internet but until I write this post I cannot find any generic answer for all situations / requirements except using common ‘Limit’ clause.

So I do a little research on my own and I want to share it here.

I use MySQL.exe command prompt instead of PHPMyAdmin due to MySQL.exe is a core engine so then it is more objective. I use Windows OS, CPU Core 2 Duo and 2 GB RAMs.
My MySQL server version is 5.5.8 Community Server (GPL).

I use MySQL Employee sample database, please follow this link: to get it.

Employee sample database has tables with large records i.e employee table has 300,024 rows, titles has 443,308 rows, salaries has 2,844,047 rows.
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