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Hi, I am an Indonesian and trying to keep things simple. Honesty, Creativity, Innovation and Professionalism are my way of life and work. Passion on science and technology.

My experiences thought me that technology can make things simpler and on the other hand can make it horrible. Well, it depends how we intend to use it and how to manage them.

Until now, I am working on Information Technology kind of things. Starting from junior programmer, senior programmer, system engineer, ERP consultant also IT Manager.

My education background actually is physics but I think we can choose our living, right? Not career controlling us.

I have experience implementing E-Commerce and payment gateway i.e PayPal. Driving revenue for the company.

I am very grateful that now, technically I am mastering various platform like .Net (Visual Basic & C#), PHP, Java, SQL Server, DB2, J Query, ERP software like Infor Movex.

My opinion that IT technology should align with company or business goal, helping to meet its vision and mission.

Knowing many platform has an advantage that we can choose the best fit for users / company / business requirements. Also, I am not intending to promote only one platform. I think, we should promote creativity and innovation instead of specific platform / brand etc.

Feel free to contact me if you like to. (I am opening myself for an opportunity of employment in established Company or new interesting business).

Agung Gugiaji

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