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Limiting Record Number on DB2

DB2 has capabilities to limit recordset retrieved from ‘select’ statement. In these example, I use SAMPLE database with DB2 LUW.
To limit show only several top records use

select * from employee fetch first 10 rows only

This will show only to 10 records from employee table.
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Using VB .Net WebBrowser Control To Build WinForm User Interface

Most application use textbox, frame, picturebox, label, listbox, combobox controls etc to make a user interface.
On the other hand WebBrowser Control commonly used to browse online website. However WebBrowser Control can be used to build rich user interface. We can develop any project i.e database, files, streaming operation.
The requirements are only knowledge of html tags, methods and behaviour of WebBrowser Control itself. In my opinion, it is easier to develop using webbrowser’s html rather than label, textbox, picturebox controls etc

Key points to develop with webbrowser on VB .Net 2010 are:
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PHP Database Wrapper Class

Many organizations use multi database software. For example an organisation’s HRD system using SQL Server and on its ERP they use DB2.

To develop an application that can connect to DB2 and SQL Server using PHP, we need database-independent connection object.
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DB2 Database Basic Text Based Operation And Monitoring

We can connect to DB2 with graphical or text based. IBM DB2 Data Studio or DB2 Control Center are graphical tools to operate with database object like create database, table, insert/update/delete records and run queries using graphical command editor.

Also we can work with DB2 on text based using DB2 Command Window. Text based is good for Linux Server OS and remote administration using SSH because its usually use a lot of text based commands.
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Convert asp classic to asp .net easily with just a few changes

The way to code, develop and build a website, intranet or application between asp classic and asp .net are different. In my opinion, those differences is a lot.
Even though, they are possess similar programming language like visual basic but the mind set to develop, in common ways, both are not same. Developer who used to use asp classic learn asp .net will find a new things.

However, in this post, I give example on how to convert asp classic to asp .net so that it can be run on web hosting which supports .net. Convertion will use ‘asp classic’ like code. It does not use any software tools.
Asp classic developers can use their experties to build .aspx website. Again they also need to learn asp .net controls and recommended methods from Microsoft to build an application because it increases productivity.
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