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Connect ASP.NET to DB2 UDB for iSeries

ASP .Net has its own unique ways to work with various Database product. Using ADO .Net developers can do database connection with easy. Also no matter what the DBMS software, the code syntaxes are not too different.

ASP .Net works best with SQL Server. It is no wonder because ASP and SQL Server both comes from Microsoft. But it also can operate with DB2 and other DBMS like Oracle, MySQL, Access etc.
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Remote DB2 Database Connection Setup

Installation of DB2 Linux, Unix, Window (LUW) contains server and client tools. That means DB2 LUW can act as server and also as a client.

Every database connection on DB2 registered on catalog. Database has parent node catalog. So catalogues are tree view looks like. Local databases are automatically registered in database catalog.

To connect to remote database server we need to make catalog for the remote connection. After remote catalog has been registered, remote server will appear as local.
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SQL Server Backup and Restore strategy – Part 1

Backup and Restore strategy is always important for application that uses database intensively. A good database administrator must have known that if he/she doesn’t have good strategy then significant data loss might be occur.

DB Administrator has a task to minimizes data loss.

Your backup strategy has a type of backups, frequency and how fast it requires. Off course, it is also depends on hardware specifications. On the other hand, restore strategy has a way to restore database from backups you created before and testing it.
Frequent backup can be scheduled automatically by SQL Server schedule job. To activate SQL Server schedule job you need to start sql server agent service.
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Web Model View Controller (MVC) Concept with PHP example

Small web application doesn’t require architecture design. It means server script, html, client script can be put on single file for one web page. On the other hand, large business and scope with much more user, change requirement occurs so many times requires good & reliable web architecture design. It is just not simple any more to put everything on single file since the web may update and grow often.

When business requirement become more complex then related web application usually consume more programmers.

Those programmers can work per module i.e. manufacturing, finance, sales, shipping modules etc. One programmer / team work on manufacturing and other programmers / team work on other modules. It depends on software designer, sometimes work module could be mix.
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Connect to DB2 & Run a Query with PHP Example

PHP support a way to connect to db2 database. As a matter of fact, PHP is more prefered as web scripting that connect to db2 because so many documentation on web or IBM explaining about PHP and DB2.

PHP has extension library to work against db2. You has to enable the extension at PHP.ini file. On my Win box, the line looks like this “extension=php_ibm_db2.dll”. If you see the line commented with (;) then uncomment it and restart your IIS or apache service.
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DB2 Instance: List, Create, Drop

Instance in database can be described as background process and memory structure or environment that contains access to databases.

Instance can be usefull to separate development, test, and production environment on one database server. Also you can manage multi-tenant/customers into several instances. So, it easier to manage multi customer application/database rather than combining into one database.
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Hello DB2

One of advantages using DB2 as database server is platform independent. We can install it on Windows as well as open source OS such as Linux.

After the installation process has done, we need to check whether its process is good or has any errors.

We can do check using command window with following syntax:

  1. db2level : displays DB2 product installed, program directory, used bits, code release, instance, fix pack level etc
  2. db2licm -l : lists all licensing and maximum resources information
  3. db2val : validates your installation. It checks instance and other settings are correct.

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