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Asp.Net Ajax Web Continuous Pagination Thus Making Endless Scroll

Brief Intro

Nowadays, a web page contains continuous pagination to deal with retrieving lot of data.
This continuous pagination means data views per page doesnt requires to reload a whole page to get next / previous page. It partially reload and attached next data on same page.
So it makes seemingly endless scroll.

This blog post will give you an example on how to do this continuos paging using Asp .Net Ajax capabilities.

Database & Query

I use SQL Server 2008 Northwind Database as sample. Spesifically use Orders, OrderDetails, Products, Employees and Customers tables.

I will make a list of sales transaction along with purchased products, customers and salesman or employees. Total value also being presented.

Tables Design

Below are list of design of tables I used. These list converted into create table statement.
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Cascading DropDownList with Asp .Net Ajax

Populating list to DropDownList Control is one of most common process in web application. Web page reload every time to populate with data.
Images, textboxes and other components will reload and it increases load between client and server.

Asp .Net Ajax makes web page not entirely reload. Populating process will only affect to related DropDownList Controls. Other controls will not reload everytime.

The Example use SQL Server AdventureWorks Database. It will have Department DropDownList and when selection changed second DropDownList will populate related Employee.
Third DropDownList contains Sales Order Number to chosen Employee. Show Sales Data Button will provide brief information based on chosen sales order number.
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Introduction to Asp .Net Ajax – 2 (UpdateProgress)

Ajax makes rich web application. Users don’t have to reload page in order to get response from server. Asynchronous proccess is a key to Ajax.
With Asp .Net Ajax building ajax enabled web app become easier. Built in controls like ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, ContentTemplate, Triggers, and UpdateProgress
In earlier post (Introduction to Asp .Net-1) I have given an example on how to use Built in Asp .Net Controls. In this post I will give example of UpdateProgress Control.

UpdateProgress Control
When we run on long query process or file upload/download operation or some complex calculation, we need to inform users about progress status since the page is not reloading.
Asp .Net Built in UpdateProgress Control informs progress to users asynchronously. It has ProgressTemplate Tag inside Control’s Tag. We can write progress information inside ProgressTemplate Tag. Continue reading