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Making Flexible User Input With Asp.Net Ajax PopUp & Calendar Extender Toolkit Controls

Complex user input design occurs oftenly in web app. Some of requirements need multiple inputs.
Using standard textbox, radio button, check box, combo box will resulting long and a lot of form elements with so many page refresh thus this is not good enough.
Application User Easiness of use requires simple process so we need to shorten & tidy up the look & feel of UI interface.

We need more sophisticated controls to accomplish that requirement. Fortunately, Asp.Net have Ajax PopUp Extender Control.
We can create several/combined inputs inside PopUp Extender and user see it as one control. Since this control is ajax enabled then when PopUp process is happening, page will only reload partially.

Other example I want to share in this blog post is Calendar Extender Toolkit. This is basically Ajax DatePicker.

Generally, we need a textbox, PopUp panel and PopupControlExtender to form a PopUp. This textbox act as trigger also target control, PopUp panel as the popup it self and PopupControlExtender is a controller that connect popup panel with target textbox.
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Understanding Asp .Net CascadingDropDown AjaxControlToolkit Tutorial

Populating DropDown is a common process in web application. We can set dropdown listitem manually or load from array / database.

Sometimes we deal with more than one dropdown that related to each other. It calls Cascading DropDown.

Many ways to create Cascading DropDown with asp .net which are using autopostback that page refresh everytime dropdown item selected, plain asp .net ajax that only reload partially and using CascadingDropDown Ajaxcontroltoolkit that also use ajax process.

The benefit of using CascadingDropDown Ajaxcontroltoolkit are increasing productivity due to a lot of design work has been done in its functionality and also the web page doesnt have to reload a whole page since its process is using ajax.

CascadingDropDown AjaxControlToolkit Description

Tag example:
<ajaxToolkit:CascadingDropDown ID=”CascadingDropDown1″ runat=”server” TargetControlID=”DropDownList1″
Category=”category” PromptText=”….” LoadingText=”[Loading …]”
ServiceMethod=”GetDropDownContents” />
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