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Introduction to Cloud Storage using Google Drive

Google Drive Intro

Google Drive is a Google Cloud Platform which can store folders & files in the internet.
Google Drive has its own UI on https://drive.google.com so that users can manage their files on the internet i.e upload, download, share, setup access permission, work with files etc.
As default google drive is free with 15 gb storage size quota per google account. if you want more then you have to pay for google drive for work.
There are others cloud drive platform similar to google drive like dropbox but google have many more platform besides drive such as gmail, google+, cloud storage, cloud database etc.
So that work with google drive can interactively connect from many google products.

There is a platform called ‘google cloud storage’. Both of them are storage on the cloud but the difference between google drive and google cloud storage is user can manage and work interactive with folders & files directly from google drive UI whereas google cloud storage mainly for storing files needed by an application such as game files, backup files, etc.

Google Drive as File Server

Google Drive can be alternative as your file server in cloud. Migrating on premise file server to Google Drive is a good option since you take advantage of Google’s own reliable and fast networking infrastructure.
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