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Asp.Net Ajax Client Network Calls Techniques With WebRequest & WebRequestManager

Ajax Network Calls is almost being most extensively used on web application. Client calls a page on Url via javascript and the Url’s content is being stored in a variable as a string.
This variable can be written on html element like div element. Traditional ajax is basically a network call.

We can use ajax network call technique to populate combo box or select element from database, Auto complete function, search records, update, insert record etc.

I’ll give examples of ajax network calls techniques using client script Sys.Net.WebRequest class. We will use this client side class in javascript.
Remember that we have to put ScriptManager control in aspx page to enable Asp.Net ajax extension.

Web Request Example

I have two textboxes which their ids are txname and txage. After user enters his/her name, age and clicks “Go” button, current date and time will be displayed in div element along with entered values in each textboxes.

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