Introduction to Cloud Storage using Google Drive

Google Drive Intro

Google Drive is a Google Cloud Platform which can store folders & files in the internet.
Google Drive has its own UI on so that users can manage their files on the internet i.e upload, download, share, setup access permission, work with files etc.
As default google drive is free with 15 gb storage size quota per google account. if you want more then you have to pay for google drive for work.
There are others cloud drive platform similar to google drive like dropbox but google have many more platform besides drive such as gmail, google+, cloud storage, cloud database etc.
So that work with google drive can interactively connect from many google products.

There is a platform called ‘google cloud storage’. Both of them are storage on the cloud but the difference between google drive and google cloud storage is user can manage and work interactive with folders & files directly from google drive UI whereas google cloud storage mainly for storing files needed by an application such as game files, backup files, etc.

Google Drive as File Server

Google Drive can be alternative as your file server in cloud. Migrating on premise file server to Google Drive is a good option since you take advantage of Google’s own reliable and fast networking infrastructure.

Google Drive can be attached on your local explorer using Google Drive Sync Software, the default location is in your ‘My Document’ but you can change it to any folder or drive i.e ‘G:’.
IT administrator can manage access permission for users with easy UI.
Some of advantages using Google Drive as File Server are

  1. Accessed from anywhere on any device since practically its on the internet
  2. Google servers & infrastructure are reliable & fast. We don’t have to take care about server going down, HD broken, out of dates, power failure, flood etc.
  3. Server software licence and maintenance cost are eliminated
  4. No worry about virus. Google drive has its own virus protection. Also Google security technically is no doubt.
  5. HD sizing is practically unlimited. Free google drive account has quota 15 Gb
    Lets say you need to have file server with five main folders which are Sales, Purchase, Finance, Production, Inventory and want to use free account.
    Although using free account is not quite efficient comparing to google apps for work. You can do by creating five free drive accounts for each main folders, so each folders will have quota 15 Gb. It is enough for some organizations.
    However if you install Google Drive for Desktop software then the software do synchronize process per User Account
  6. Easy manage for sharing and secure by IT administrator. Also user friendly UI for common users

Some of common disAdvantages using Cloud Storage are

  1. Client Internet connection must be fast & reliable. Some region might have slow connection. IT dept must focus & manage on how to get their internet connection better and also has a backup if main connection is down
    Slow connection is more frequent incident rather than broken. Frequency of slowness can be vary but also it is depends on chosen Internet providers.
  2. Accidentally file lost by users. Since IT dept might not have file server backup (they’re not considering any data lost by server crash anymore) so if user accidentally delete a file and empty trash then file is gone. This is rarely though since after file gets deleted it’s going to trash folder until user empty trash
    However IT dept can setup file server backup in their environment and download/synchronize folders & files periodically if necessary but this is not urgent since the concept of cloud is to replace your own infrastructure.
  3. Information might be leak since the boundaries between your private information and outside is simply UserID & Password. We don’t have to think techincally to prevent hackers sniffing data but you must to make sure users are being security consious.

Google Drive on Web & Google Drive Sync

The Url of this Google Drive is and you may log on to it using your existing Google ID.
The web interface is quite straight forward. Easy UI. Basically you can create folders, files and share it to other people. Also you can view folders, files which shared to you from others.

Google drive sync software is intended to synchronize folders & files between Google Drive on Web and your local computer.
You can copy, update, deletes files to your local Google Drive folder and it will sync automatically to google drive on web.
To download this go to
The installation is quite easy. Only one thing to note is that you might want to choose your preferred local folder to use by syncronization process.
You can choose using ‘Advance setup’ at last step on setup. Alternatively to change your google drive local folder you can disconnect account on software and then re-connect and choose your preferred folder.
Also you can choose which folders to synchronize because of you might not want to sync all of them or your drive’s size is too big to sync in your Hard Drive.

Google Drive API

This google drive has an API that can be used by developers to connect to Google Drive platform. So developers can build application to list, upload, download files etc on Google Drive.
This API is compatible with many programming languages i.e Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails

Agung Gugiaji

3 responses to “Introduction to Cloud Storage using Google Drive

  1. Files stored on external servers are not secure. Binfer is a better way to share data securely. It does not store data on the cloud. See cloudless sharing.

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for sharing. Sounds good, I will take a look


      • Hi Aaron,

        In my understanding, binfer is peer to peer file transfer tool. So it does not store files on the web. Files are transferred between PCs or Laptops of sender and receiver. Also the sender/receiver need to be online or use binder software in order to get it work. It means files are still kept on local resources.

        This method is different with cloud platform purposes. Although binfer uses private transfer and not exposing files to web so it makes more secure but if we want to make a serverless file server then cloud storage still more appropriate in my opinion. Small change to file in cloud could be seen by allowed users directly. Cloud Drive can manage sharing file, permission and user access etc.


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